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Empowering Sustainable Personal Transformation for Women in Business


Are you ready to have a positive transformative experience that is sustainable? 

Would you like to access more of your own Inner Wisdom to make better decisions? 

Are you tired of feeling tired at the end of your day?

Annette's own long-term struggle with professional and personal stress led her to the work of Dr. Sue Morter and The Energy Codes®.  Her personal experience with the coursework was so amazing, she committed to facilitating access to the information so others could live fuller lives as well.  

Annette is a Certified The Energy Codes®  Facilitator and a Certified B.E.S.T. and Spiritual B.E.S.T. Practitioner.  

She has over 30 years of business and leadership experience.  This gives her a special connection with women in business and the issues that occur when trying to maintain a good Work/Life balance.  

Her holistic approach to coaching and consulting is based upon the groundbreaking work of Dr. Sue Morter. More than a belief system, The Energy Codes® are a set of principles and practices which empower individuals to access more of their own inner wisdom energy, and as a result - real transformation happens.  Healing happens.  Happiness happens.

Annette now shares her personal transformation and passion by assisting others personally and professionally to experience more energy, clarity, enjoyment and meaning in life.  She teaches how to integrate meditation, yoga and energy work into a way of daily living, not isolated experiences.  (Yoga at your desk? You bet!) She can enhance existing health, wellness and mindfulness practices, or introduce new ones with a key focus on embodiment.  Get ready to experience a new perspective!

Annette works with individuals and organizations. Sessions are one on one, in group format or via Skype.  

Why Annette C. Tixier?

Leader. Healer. Wisdom Keeper.  

Annette walks in many different worlds, working with entrepreneurs, creatives, managers, moms and those designing their next act.  Choosing to work with someone who is a leader, healer and wisdom keeper herself, will facilitate building the bridges necessary to fully integrate your life.  

The work which Annette helps to steward provides a rich experience of actually feeling in your body the changes that are occurring as a result of increased awareness and a more conscious approach to life.  

Annette has helped individuals with PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, as well as those seeking less stress in their lives.  It is not about healing as a focus, rather it is about integrating mindfulness into all aspects of life and healing occurs as a by product.